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Why Us

Partnering with a remote agency is a great idea

Faster Turnaround

We’re not restricted by traditional working hours, so we can respond rapidly to meet your needs faster.

Economically Friendly

By taking advantage of the minimalistic online office, our production costs are significantly reduced.

Increased Productivity

Remote work facilitates flexibility that allows our talent to work under the best possible conditions, free from traditional workspace distractions.

Access to a Large Talent Pool

We employ the brightest minds from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and communities to ensure that our work has the advantage of different perspectives and unique insights.

Employee Retention

Working from home ensures that our team is available regardless of personal inclinations or changes in location. Your content won’t be side-tracked by uncertain circumstances.

Environmentally Sound

Remote working situations mitigate the need for a daily commute to work or the expansion of office spaces which helps to establish a greener company image for you.

Your Partner in Communication

Services tailored to meet your brand's needs
Product Communication
Effectively describe the benefits of products and services to your audience in a tone that speaks to your entire brand.
Technical Documentation
We simplify the way customers engage with and use your product by easing their engagement with the technical jargon of user guides and manuals.
Product Launch
Incite exciting conversations around your products and services before they’re released into the market with an effective product launch strategy.
SEO Content Creation
Expand your reach with content that targets your preferred audience on high-performing search engines like Google.
Product Research
Ensure that your products and services meet the needs of your customers, and yield the desired results with in-depth research and statistics.
Audience Engagement
Increase the clicks on your company’s website and social media pages with content that keeps users engaged.
Press Releases
Whether you need to distribute new information, or you want to update the knowledge bank of your audience, we’ll help you create media statements to carry out the task.
Social Media Content
With more than 4 billion people engaging on social media platforms daily, we’ll help you stay relevant and keep audiences informed with images, texts, and video content.
Develop marketing material with the creative, effective, and simple use of words to get the message across to your audience in a language they can understand.
Website Development
Create a web presence with messaging that aligns with your key marketing strategy.
Our Work

Tech Language Is Complex, We Simplify It

Tech companies in the robotics, cybersecurity, and consumer electronics industries trust the team at TMG Global to help them reach their target audience around the globe in a language that’s easy to process. Our expertise are broad enough to meet a variety of communication needs.

Consumer Electronics

 Our written work forms part of the model used by manufacturers of smartphones, robotic cleaning solutions, laptops, projectors, and air purifiers to target and retain their main customer base.

Mobile application gaming

We create scripts that cater to the interactive UI of mobile games, and keeps the user engaged.
iPhone mockup

Smart renewable energy

Concise material that describes the need for, and gives solutions to the shortage of renewable energy.


The jargon associated with the web and the threats related to it is deciphered in a way that is easy to consume and comprehend- allowing you to give your consumer peace of mind with content they can understand.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers.

Launching a new product is never easy, but thanks to TMG Global we’ve saved time and effectively gotten our message across to our clients. Our Kickstarter site has been optimised to meet our needs, boost sales, and TMG Global has helped ensure a successful product launch.

Tyler Yang
Marketing Advisor, Acenew
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TMG Global provides relevant and creative content to strategically market your company. They’ve revitalised our brand with innovative thinking and a targeted approach.

Jash Yang
General Manager, ZLOS
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